My story...

When my grandmother pictured her life as a doctor’s wife in Philadelphia, she envisioned having one daughter to whom she would bestow all of her beloved jewelry. Instead, she had 4 sons, none of whom showed even the smallest interest in her collection of baubles.  But many years and many granddaughters later, Henrietta finally found her heirs.  

Hen wasn’t a snob about gems; she loved the “costume” stuff as much as the “real” stuff. And she liked a ton of it all at once. Her little wrists were covered in bracelets: one of which was a  thick chain link with a 2” disc dangling from the center, her initials inscribed on one side.  The disc hit everything she touched.  You always knew where Hen was in the apartment from the clang of her bracelet.  

I was lucky enough to inherit that bracelet.  It is the inspiration for the chain link pieces that are the backbone of my collection; and Henrietta, the woman who wore it first, has inspired everything I've designed ever since.  Timeless, elegant, inherently modern, my jewelry pays tribute to my Goggi, the chicest woman I've ever known, and to all of today's women who follow in her fierce footsteps.  

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